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Be Natural Market Case Club

Policies and Business Information


The Case Club

                  The Be Natural Market Case Club provides a way for you to purchase natural products such as groceries and bulk items in case lots only through our primary distributors. There are no minimum purchase requirements and no membership fees.

                  Produce, health and body care products and supplements are not included. Discounts for supplements and health and body care products purchased in volume can be arranged by contacting our Wellness Department. Case Club purchases do not earn Healthy Rewards points.



                  All products are available at wholesale plus handling fees. Market conditions often affect prices and they are subject to change without notice. In some instances, Be Natural Market’s shelf prices may be better than the Case Club’s published regular wholesale cost plus handling fees. This is because we often take advantage of manufacturers and distributors published and unpublished sales and special purchases.

It is the Case Club member’s responsibility to confirm that their savings will be equal to or greater than purchases made off the shelf at Be Natural Market.

Price Lists and Ordering

                  Orders can be placed from in-store catalogs and viewed at the service desk or from the shelf (using UPC code numbers and product descriptions found on products on the shelf). You can also view the latest catalog on line by clicking here. Your order can be emailed to us at


Ordering and Pick Up

                  You may order as often as you like. We receive two deliveries per week:

                                    Order by:                                                    for Pick Up On:

                                    Saturday at 6pm                                       Tuesday

                                    Wednesday at 6pm                                 Friday     


                  Holiday order and delivery schedules vary. Please check with Be Natural Market management prior to most national holidays.

                  Orders should be on the Case Club form. This form can be faxed (828-262-5540), hand delivered, or emailed ( In order to keep our cost down and maintain the program, we cannot accept phone orders.

Case Club members will be notified when orders are received, when orders are delayed due to weather or mechanical failure, or when items are out of stock.

                  Orders must be picked up no later than two days after they are received by Be Natural Market (we understand certain circumstances arise and will be considered on an individual basis. Contact Be Natural Market if you will be delayed in picking up your order.)

                  Groups may not break down or separate orders inside Be Natural Market or on porch or sidewalks.



                   Be Natural Market guarantees the quality of all products. Products can only be accepted for return based on manufacturing defect and shelf life only. Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase. Case Club members receiving product with fewer days than the following may request and receive a full credit:

                  Category:                                                     Code Date at Delivery:

                  Yogurt                                                           10 Days

                  Milk                                                               7 Days

                  Tofu                                                               14 Days

                  Eggs                                                               10 Days

                  Grocery                                                         30 Days


Sales tax will be applied to all taxable products.