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Organic Produce

All of our produce is organic. We support local farmers and because many farmers find the financial burden of certification too great, we verify that each grower produces their crops without chemicals. We use only purified reverse osmosis water to care for our produce.

Bulk Foods

To help you save money and reduce packaging waste, we have over 280 bins of bulk foods, including grains, flours, dried fruits, nuts, granolas, beans, mixes, medicinal and culinary herbs and spices, locally roasted coffee, and herbal teas.

Natural Body Care

We offer facial-, hair-, and body-care, make-up, and oral health care products that meet our stringent guidelines to provide you with only the safest, most natural alternatives. We believe in chemical-free, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly ingredients, and we screen our labels so you don’t have to!

Natural Medicines

We have the High Country’s largest selection of only the best vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathics and nutraceuticals.

Someone's Got To Take A Stand

If our mission is to better your health, then part of our job is to look at the issues facing the food industry and take a stand.

No Growth Hormones or Antibiotics

The meat and poultry we sell is grown without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics. If an animal gets an antibiotic, it goes somewhere else…you won’t find it here!

Free Range

The meat, poultry and eggs we sell come from animals that are free range – not cooped up in cages, never seeing the light of day.

No BGH in Dairy Products

BGH is a genetically-engineered bovine growth hormone used to stimulate increased milk production in cows. We do not sell dairy products that contain BGH.

No Irradiated Foods and Spices

Irradiation is a method of using nuclear waste to sterilize foods. We do not carry such treated products.


Because Genetically Modified Organisms are not a natural substance, we do not believe they belong in our food, medicine or body-care products. We avoid them when possible, and new products are screened for GMOs. We support the consumer’s right to know if their foods contain GMOs.

We take local seriously! Support these local vendors and get a taste of North Carolina and the High Country.