Meet Your Farmer!

Meet Your Farmer!

Be Natural Market sources fresh, local, and organic produce from farmers right here in the High Country!

Put a face to the name! Here are a handful of our local farmers/artisans who deliver fresh produce to Be Natural Market on a weekly basis.
Each of these farms, if not certified, produce goods using biologically grown methods – without the use of pesticides, chemicals, or GMO’s and following strict organic standards but un-certified by the National Organic Association.

Simply click through the farmers/artisans here to learn more about our local meats, dairy, eggs, honey, vegetables, fruits and coffee ALL from LOCAL sources right here in the High Country.

Apple Brandy Beef

About Apple Brandy Beef

Apple Brandy Beef is a 3rd generation family farm run by the Church Family with family farm lands that date back to 1877. We specialize in all natural corn fed Angus/Hereford beef. The animals are carefully bred to enhance the best characteristics from each breed and meticulously recorded so that an animal’s pedigree can be traced back generations.

Our cowherd has been conceived, born, raised, and weaned on our farm. Animals selected for harvesting remain on lush green pastures until they reach their final period of grain finishing. At that point they are fed a balanced diet based on locally raised corn and corn silage. Our animals are locally processed in North Wilkesboro by Thomas Brothers Abattoir, also a 3rd generation business.

Apple Brandy Beef is an all natural product with no added hormones or antibiotics. We take great pride in our beef and work hard to deliver a quality product. 

Products Available at Be Natural Market

Find these products from Apple Brandy Beef at Be Natural Market:

Local Beef Bones – Sold by the lb. See store for price
4 Pack Burger Patties – $7.99 lb
Grain Finished Ground Beef – $7.99 lb

*Price subject to change. Call us at 828-262-5592 for exact pricing and availability.



Bald Guy Brew

About Bald Guy Brew

“I truly believe that we can effectively create change at the ground level of the supply chain by understanding that what’s in your cup matters!”

Re-defining ethically sourced coffee

Rooted in North Carolina’s High Country, Bald Guy Brew has a mission to empower coffee growers, working directly with the hands that make your morning cup-o-don possible. We have a vision for a world where all goods are truly ethically sourced, where no human is enslaved to labor, where justice holds every business decision.

Learn more about Don and Bald Guy Brew here!

Products Available at Be Natural Market

Find these products from Bald Guy Brew at Be Natural Market:

Bulk Decaf/Regular Coffee Blends – $13.49 lb

*Price subject to change. Call us at 828-262-5592 for exact pricing and availability.



Blue Ridge Apiaries

About Blue Ridge Apiaries

Blue Ridge Apiaries is family owned and operated with four generations of beekeeping experience. But, the Blue Ridge Apiaries’ family is more than just a lineage of beekeepers.

It includes dozens of farmers and landowners whose generosity makes stocking honeybees across such a unique landscape possible.It includes a community of retailers who support our hard work by providing our products shelf space. Finally, it includes our patrons, who value our traditional, yet sustainable approach to beekeeping and make possible the hope that Blue Ridge Apiaries will be around to serve future generations.

Products Available at Be Natural Market

Find these products from Blue Ridge Apiaries at Be Natural Market:

Varietal RAW Honey 11.5oz – $8.99
Creamed Honey 8oz – $7.89
Wildflower Honey 12oz, 1lb, 2lb – $6.39-16.49
Bee Pollen 8oz – $8.89
Lip Balm, Peppermint – $3.99

*Price subject to change. Call us at 828-262-5592 for exact pricing and availability.


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Blue Ridge Organics

About Blue Ridge Organics

Blue Ridge Organics Farm has been producing quality produce since 2001. They mainly grow seasonal vegetables and worms for compost on a couple of acres in Ashe County, NC. At Be Natural Market we receive weekly deliveries from Alan Hanson, owner of Blue Ridge Organics. 

Products Available at Be Natural Market

Blue Ridge Organics supplies a variety of different vegetables and fruits from peppers to tomatoes and cucumbers, depending on the season.

*Please call us at 828-262-5592 to find out what is currently available and pricing.

Chestunut Grove Farm

About Chestnut Grove Farm

We are located in the High Country near Boone, NC.  Our farm is just 4 miles outside the city limits.  We raise registered Scottish Aberdeen Angus  from the Wye genetic line. Our beef is 100% grass fed and raised all natural.

Products Available at Be Natural Market

Find these products from Chestnut Grove Farm at Be Natural Market:

Grass Finished Ground Beef – $7.99 lb
Beef Short Ribs – $7.29 lb
Stew Beef – $8.79
Beef Soup Bones – $5.79 lb

*Price subject to change. Call us at 828-262-5592 for exact pricing and availability.



Heritage Homestead

About Heritage Homestead

Heritage Homestead Goat Dairy is nestled on 17 acres in the mountains of Ashe County just outside of Jefferson, North Carolina. Carol and Lon Coulter purchased the old Florence Kelly home place in 1994, which had been a working cow dairy until the early 70s. To help clear the briars and brambles that had taken over the farm, the Coulters purchased goats. One thing led to another and soon enough Carol was milking goats and taking cheese classes.

In 2009 Heritage Homestead became  licensed to make goat cheese.  Coulters raise Saanens, Alpines and a few Nubians. Their wonderful sweet milk is made into farmstead cheese sold at local farmers’ markets and select retail shops. The goats are milked for 8 months out of the year and bred and kid in mid March-April and the cycle begins again.

Products Available at Be Natural Market

Find these products from Heritage Homestead at Be Natural Market:

Plain Goat Cheese 8oz – $9.99
Flavored Goat Cheese 40z – $5.39
Pimento Jalapeno Goat Cheese 4oz – $5.99
Goat Feta – $21.49
Goat Milk Fudge – $19.99 per lb

*Price subject to change. Call us at 828-262-5592 for exact pricing and availability.


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New Appalachia

About New Appalachia

We supply a diverse collection of local food system buyers with the bounty of our region’s harvests. We are motivated by the economic opportunities created for the family-operated farms of Southern Appalachia that we get to work with, and by the stories we share along the way. Our retailers know us for our steadfast commitment to the quality and diversity of our products, and for our ability to get our grower’s goods into their hands within one day of being picked. We also love working with chefs to help them maximize their local food use or assist in their farm-to-table events. 

We assist our farmers in crafting their harvest with our production-planning phase over the winter. The diversity of our markets range from specialty niche greens for fine restaurants to volume potatoes for institutional buyers. By working with each farm’s inspirations and aspirations, we work to connect them to the right opportunities.  Whether its through promoting Certified Organic chard from Fishel Organics of Ashe County, North Carolina, rabbit grown by Mountain Top Rabbitry, dairy products by Mountain Milk Producers, or baby carrots by Hoffman Heritage and Honeysuckle Farms, we are proud of the role we play in creating a region-wide food web.

Products Available at Be Natural Market

New Appalachia supplies a variety of different vegetables and fruits from kale to tomatoes and cucumbers, depending on the season.

*Please call us at 828-262-5592 to find out what is currently available and pricing.



New Life Farm

About New Life Farm

New Life Farm is a first generation family farm that is dedicated to providing people with food that is both beneficial to the people who eat it and the environment in which it is grown.

Products Available at Be Natural Market

New Life Farm supplies Be Natural Market with a variety of seasonal vegetables as well as Duck Eggs, Pork Sausage, Ground Pork, and Turkeys!

*Please call us at 828-262-5592 for product availability and pricing!



Rose Mountain Butcher Shoppe

About Rose Mountain Butcher Shoppe

ROSE MOUNTAIN  BUTCHER SHOPPE is located in downtown West Jefferson NC. We work with small, local farmers in the northwest mountains of NC, VA, and TN. 

Collectively the mission of these farmers is to grow clean, pure, all natural meats and produce. All of the farmers  practice humane and sustainable growing methods and aspire to be GMO free which places them on the forefront of the future of farming.  Most are not certified organic but their farming practices far surpass the USDA standards for organics. The fees are generally prohibitive and the standards have changed to support corporate farms. Allowing Glycophosphate to be used in the iles and boarders of organic fields. We farmers of the Appalachian mountains believe that to be organic is to be wholly organic.

There is no comparison to commercially raised meats which is why all animals found at our collective farms are in species correct environments. All the livestock producers are involved personally with the care and management of the herds. They have stress free lives and live in social groups.

They are free to roam, root, and rest in a green pastures  south facing slopes, and shady forest floors. Which makes the flavor unique, bold but not gamey.  Rotation of all livestock from pasture to pasture prevents erosion on the steep slopes. All animals are allowed free choice shelter and fresh running water.

Products Available at Be Natural Market

Find these products from Rose Mountain Butcher Shoppe at Be Natural Market:

Variety of flavors of Pork Sausage
Ground Lamb
Ground Pork
Breakfast Sausage

*Please call us at 828-262-5592 for availability and pricing.


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Sunshine Cove

About Sunshine Cove Farm

Sunshine Cove Farm is owned and operated by David and Jill Nicklaw. We started farming part-time in 2008, obtained our organic certification in 2010, and quit our day-jobs in 2012. Microgreens, which were an unfilled niche in the High Country, quickly became the cornerstone of our business. During the last few years, we have doubled our volume primarily through direct regional sales, shipped by UPS, to customers like Chef Troy Stauffer at City Club Raleigh.

We produce microgreens year-round, although our volume increases from around 20 lbs per week in the dead of winter to around 60 lbs per week in the summer and fall. The cool climate in Boone is ideal for summer micro production. We also have a large market garden where we grow produce for the Watauga County Farmers Market and direct sales to local restaurants, but microgreens, shoots, and edible flowers account for over 90% of our annual sales.

My wife Jill has the green thumb, and is in charge of microgreen production, while I handle the business side of the operation as well as the garden. We have a few helpers at any given time, but we have so far elected to keep the scale of our operation small enough that we can keep an eye on everything that goes out the door. Our product has been well-received by talented chefs in the Carolina’s and beyond. Customers with standing orders always take priority and we have an excellent track record of fulfilling their needs week after week.

Products Available at Be Natural Market

Sunshine Cove Farm supplies a variety of different microgreens year round to Be Natural Market.

*Please call us at 828-262-5592 to find out what is currently available and pricing.

Beyond the USDA Certification

Beyond our USDA organic certification, a few things set us apart from other microgreen producers:

  • Free shipping, with a minimum order of 8 clamshells. We offer this throughout North Carolina and in parts of surrounding states – wherever we can ship UPS overnight for the price of regular ground. We carefully pack the clamshells in a foil-faced insulated box liner with gel ice.
  • Shelf life. If you receive a microgreen order on Friday, it will have been cut on Wednesday or Thursday. Most of our microgreens will keep for 10 days or more. We love standing weekly orders, but because of our outstanding shelf life, many of our accounts take 8 clamshells every other week to take advantage of the free shipping.
  • We are extremely picky about what goes out the door. Our micros are always cut to order and will arrive scrupulously clean and ready to use. Quality has definitely been the key to our success. If you have been disappointed with micros from national distributors and West coast specialty growers, give us a try and see how easy it can be.
  • While most microgreen operations stick with a limited number of easy to grow varieties, we typically grow around 40 different types of microgreens. Most of these are available as individual varieties, but our creative mixes also set us apart.

At Sunshine Cove Farm, we cultivate long-standing relationships with our customers. Chefs know that product quality, great customer service, and creativity are the hallmarks of any successful business. Partnering with Sunshine Cove Farm is simply smart business.